Pool Openings & Closings

Open & Close The Season With Confidence

We will open your in-ground or above ground pool this season. Pool openings incorporate removing the cover folding it and placing it wherever the customer requests. Start up the system make sure it is operating correctly , fire up the heater and make sure all plugs are in place and jets  are in best position to circulate your pool. Also installing any hand rails or ladders that are needed. As the season reaches an end and temperatures drop, we will close your pool. This process is removing the ladders or hand rails, blowing the lines to clear any excess water. Using anti-freeze to professionally ensure none of the plumbing will ever freeze and expand.  During the closing season we use strong chemicals to help the process the following spring so when the cover comes off the pool will be in the best shape it can be. 

We have an experienced staff, well trained, that can make your pool season more enjoyable. With our capable workforce, servicing New Jersey and New York you can free yourself from the task of opening and closing your pool, vacuuming and balancing your water chemistry, and the regular upkeep of your pool. We offer complete maintenance contracts to weekly maintenance contracts. Below please find a list of services we offer

Spring Assembly/Opening

Open the pool and have it ready for swimming.

Acid Wash

Removal of stains on gunite pools


Properly close the pool to protect its plumbing and tiles


Weekly vacuuming service contracts are available upon request

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