Renovations / Upgrades

Make Your Dream Pool A Reality

By choosing Elegant Pool & Patio we can do all of your pool renovations, add-ons and repairs from A-Z. Whether you’re looking to replace your vinyl liner or upgrade your equipment, we can address all of your issues. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge of the newest technology and giving customers a dependable, high quality renovation service.

Pool patio

Pavers, concrete decking, and various types of natural stone, we install it all.

12V LED lighting

In or around the pool can make for an amazing backdrop for entertaining guests, they have a long-lasting life span, affordable and are extremely effective in creating the experience you could only get from a destination vacation. These lights range from a basic model with 5 fixed colors to variations that go through up to 12 different patterns.

Tile work

We provide the labor and suggest the repair/design but the customer makes the final decisions..


This service involves the repair of deteriorating coping whether it be stone, bullnose, or the installation of new coping and replacement of expansion joints

Outdoor bar & kitchens / fireplaces/ veneer stone/ brick oven pizza / retaining walls/ hardscapes

We can turn your backyard into an eye-popping grilling station with a sink and or bar to entertain or impress your friends. We deliver only the best and take pride in customizing a customer’s wants.


We use white and colored plaster, Diamond Brite and River Rok exposed aggregate pool finishes. These vary in color from a black exposed aggregate finish containing a gold and silver pebble look, or any type of finish from white plaster, to higher tier levels of plaster to make the water color of your pool “pop.”

Vinyl Liners

We replace and upgrade faded, torn, or old liners. If your liner goes over the steps leading into your pool you can add a non-slip grip texture for more confidence stepping into your pool.


We provide warranties on service and repairs from the products we sell and install

Pool Covers

We install safety covers mesh or solid.

Salt Chlorine Generators

Not the newest trend but the new standard and cost-effective item for brand new pools or for customers who are tired of dealing with chlorine, saltwater systems are easy to convert to pre-existing systems. They also are softer on the eyes in the water and exfoliate your skin just like the ocean. In the long run, they are cheaper than using chlorine on a weekly basis. It utilizes salt to keep your water purified and naturally balanced at the same time. This product overtime is a sound investment that is cheaper than chlorine and will pay for itself off over time and is low maintenance.

Automatic Pool Controls

Automatic pool control systems put control of your whole backyard at your fingertips. From the telephone to even your PC, you can control your pool, spa, and backyard amenities from anywhere, literally. ie., you can turn your pool pump on from California while your pool is in New York.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

The variety of automatic pool cleaners is expansive but we know the ones we trust and the newest technologies to suggest to our customers that are cutting edge.

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